“The year is 1510 and we find ourselves in the city of Rome. The foundation of St. Peter’s Basilica has only just been built, and Michelangelo is painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel as we speak. Two German monks have been sent to Rome to have a dispute related to their monastery settled by the Pope.  One of those monks is a 27 year old named Martin Luther.”  (come on Sunday to hear more…)
I’ll be giving a 30-40 minute lecture on the life of Martin Luther and his role in the Protestant Reformation! There will be time for Q&A. Bring any friend intersted in history, theology, or Jesus.
Here are the dates/times for all 3 upcoming Sunday afternoon lectures (all at the Cornerstone Church facility):
September 24 @4:30PM – “The Larger than Life Martin Luther”
October 22 @4:30PM – “The Loved and Hated John Calvin”
November 12 @4:30PM – “She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Forgotten, Women of the Reformation”
Your history-loving and nerdy pastor and friend,
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