Sorry I haven’t been very consistent on making these blog posts. This week we are studying the last book of the Old Testament, Malachi, chapters 1-4. The main point of this week is: “God told His people to repent and get ready for Jesus.”

Read especially chapter 3:1-4. God rails at Israel for not living as God had instructed them to live, especially the priests. But God is coming, and he is sending his messenger, who would be John the Baptist, to tell them to get ready.

Have you ever had someone come to your house and you weren’t ready for them. Right now our house is in complete disarray as we get ready to move. There are boxes everywhere. We have almost everything stored away. If we had someone come over right now, we would most assuredly not be ready.

How much worse if our lives are in disarray and we are not ready for God!

So, how do you get ready? First, believing that he is coming. And second, acting like it. We believe that Jesus has come and is coming again. We believe that he paid the penalty for our sin and made us right with God. And we put feet to that belief. We put that belief in motion by walking in faith.


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