Jesus doesn’t get angry very often, but when he does, we should take note. One such occasion was when visiting God’s Temple in Jerusalem. What Jesus saw was unthinkable: people were more about transacting goods and making a profit, rather than humbly seeking after God. Transactions were taking place, but prayer had fallen to the wayside. So, Jesus threw everyone out. The big son of a carpenter with fierce eyes and fiery words made it clear in no uncertain terms that God’s house was to be a house of prayer, not a den of hucksters.

So what would Jesus say if he came to Cornerstone Church? Are we a house of prayer? Would a guest of 2 weeks say prayer permeates the culture of our church family?

In an effort to grow in prayerful dependence of Jesus, I want to tell you about a new ministry we’re launching this Sunday October 15: Sunday Prayer Teams. Sunday Prayer Teams are two teams (one men, the other women) who will be available to pray with people immediately after our worship service in the sanctuary. No concern is too big or too small. If the Lord is working on a person’s heart during the service or earlier in the week, the prayer teams would like to listen to and pray with them.

May we grow as a house of prayer…

1) Join us Sundays at 8:40AM in the conference room.

2) Pray for one another before, during, and after small group.

3) Come to the next Congregational Meeting to pray (Nov. 5).

4) Consider sharing with a Sunday Prayer Team any Sunday after the service.

May Christ’s zeal for prayer be our zeal for prayer.

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