This week in Sunday school we will study Mary praising God as she heard from the angel about Jesus and her response, often called the Magnificat. It is found in Luke 1:26-56. Can you image a teenage girl speaking this way! This was a young woman that knew her Old Testament and knew her God.

This week it might be a good exercise for kids to write their own poetry of praise to God. Just as Mary thought about God’s work in the past and declared it to God, we can also reflect back on what God has done and declare it back to Him.

The main point of this week is “God chose Mary to be Jesus’ mother.” Mary was an active participant in this. It wasn’t forced upon her, but she was willing to take this responsibility on. If she didn’t know her God that would be a scary proposition. But because God is loving, kind and compassionate, and keeps his promises, she knew she could count on him and say “My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior”.

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