Church Family,

1 Corinthians 15:58 reminds us that all labor unto the LORD is not in vain. In other words, when you let your Jesus-freak flag fly in word and deed, God takes those steps of faith and multiplies them for eternity. We live in a world starving for love and truth; we are lights to this love and this truth–Jesus Christ.

I want you to be equipped for these works of faith, so here are a few ways to be trained up in godliness in the days ahead:

#1: This Sunday, October 22, you have 3 opportunities to pray with others: (1) 30 minutes before the service from 8:40-9:10AM in the conference room; (2) immediately after the worship service with prayer teams in the sanctuary; and (3) the city-wide prayer gathering and worship service at New Covenant Bible Church at 6PM (rumor has it some of our members are serving on the singing team).

#2: Also, this Sunday, October 22, I’ll be giving my second Protestant Reformation Lecture on “The Loved and Hated John Calvin,” at 4:30PM (we’ll start at 4:30PM sharp for those who plan to go to the city-wide prayer gathering, so come a little early, 4:20 or so). Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. Let us be men and women who know the history of God’s people who have struggled to rightly understand God’s Word and apply it to their lives.

#3: Since many of you have relationships with friends and family influenced by the dangerous heresy of “Health and Wealth” (also known as “The Word of Faith” movement), please give this 90 minutes podcast a listen. This is an interview of Costi Hinn, the nephew of the false teacher Benny Hinn. Costi has left the Health and Wealth movement and has embraced the Christ who calls us to pick up our cross to follow and suffer. The reason I so appreciate this interview is that Costi Hinn still loves his uncle and those who haven’t seen the light. It’s a thought-provoking interview. There was also a September 20th, 2017 Christianity Today article by Costi Hinn entitled, “Benny Hinn is My Uncle but Prosperity Preaching Isn’t for Me.”

Members, don’t forget to put our November 5th congregational meeting on your calendars. We’ll all eat a potluck immediately after the service at 11AM, and head back into the sanctuary for our meeting around 12PM (more info will come out this week from Alex Steele regarding the meeting).

You are my friends. Thanks for laboring with me to love and serve Jesus.

Under grace,


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