Every generation of Christians faces new obstacles for clinging to Christ. In our lives today, one of the most deadly tools Satan uses for destroying our souls is our phones. These precious technological devices go with us wherever we go, promising that all boredom can be undone, and connectivity is a click away. At the same time, they zap us from deep meditation on Christ, slow prayer before the LORD, and presence before God and others.

The Southern Baptist Seminary recently posted an article by a pastor from Alabama. This pastor has been on the same journey as me (Pastor Matt), reading almost all the same books this year, regarding technology and the Christian. His insights are worth our time and meditation.

Click here to read, and as you read, consider 1 step of application you might enlist to grow closer to Christ: http://equip.sbts.edu/article/take-cross-put-phone-follow/

Tips for Technological Sanity and Respect (for you and others): 

– Turn off all notifications from email, social media, and apps. Don’t invite distractions into your life.

– Keep phone and messaging on silent or vibrate as much as possible.

– Have periods each day (1-3 hours periodically throughout the day) and each week (24 hours) where your phone is totally off or on silent and you avoid a computer or tablet.

– Leave phones in designated locations for the evening (not your pocket). Be present with the people in your home.

– Leave phone in car (best) or turned off in purse/pocket during appointments, meals, concerts, movies, and meetings. Use the “emergency rule” sparingly. The emergency rule allows you to inform your host or guest that you need to leave your phone on for an expected and important call. If you haven’t utilized the “emergency rule,” do not look at your phone until the event is over.

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