This week in Sunday school we will learn:

BIBLE PASSAGE: Matthew 4:1-11
MAIN POINT: Jesus was tempted and never sinned.
KEY PASSAGE: 1 Timothy 1:15
Starting this week we will have our regular opening session where we hear the Bible story and discuss the topic for the day, but instead of breaking into small groups we will be practicing for our Christmas program. More details on that are to come.
I’m sure you’re holiday traditions are in full swing now. Have you put up your Christmas tree? Hung lights? Maybe had some hot cocoa by the fire? All of those are great traditions. At our house we have a little advent reader that takes us through the Christmas story. We’ll start reading it on December 1st. Even though they’ve heard the story over and over, it’s still a great rhythm to get into for the holiday season. A few years ago we read Jotham’s Journey: That’s another great telling of the Christmas story over several days.
Have a great week.
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