Church Family,

Paul writes in 1 Timothy 4:8 that physical training is valuable, but training in godliness has a return in this life and the next. In other words, growing in love, holiness, and moral integrity brings reward and blessing on earth as well as in heaven. As you look to 2018, I pray that you look beyond waist lines and weight goals to focus on growing in Christlikeness. Our home, work, schools, and neighbors need lights of compassion and justice. May we become who we were saved to be…for the Lord’s glory and the common good.

A few updates:

#1: Only a few days left to sign up: Our sister church,  Harvest City in Iowa City needs childcare volunteers next Sunday January 7 to assist with their first ever public worship service. They desire to have as many of their people be a part of this first day so you’re assistance would be a huge blessing!! Contact Pastor Matt or David Gardner ( by Sunday (Dec. 31) if you are willing to give them a Sunday of service.

#2: New Adult Sunday School Class Study Starting January 7: I will be starting a “How To Pray” class during the 11AM Adult Sunday School Hour (We will take a break from The Gospel Project). We will be using Paul MIller’s book A Praying Life as the guide. Books will be available for purchase Sunday December 31. You do not need to read the book to participate in the class. By the way, we purchased the newest edition that has two extra chapters compared to previous editions. If you have the old book, you’ll be ok, but if you want the newest edition, pick one up off the welcome table this Sunday (put the $10 in the offering box with a note).

#3: Join a group! We have a variety of Christians gathering each week that serve together and seek God together. They will all be launching again in the new year. If you desire joining a group, email me or give my cell phone a call.

Under grace,


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