Using Paul Miller’s book A Praying Life our 11AM Adult Sunday School hour will be dedicated to teaching on prayer and equipping people to pray with greater faith and confidence. You do not need the book to participate in the class, but your own discoveries will be greatly enhanced if you spend time reading the book and engaging in the recommend exercises Paul Miller gives throughout this book.

Books available for purchase: $10

Pick up a book off our welcome table and put $10 in the offering box (with a note or memo on a check.)

Class Starts this Sunday.

Our Itinerary:

Date Pages to Read before Class
1/7/2017 None
1/14/2017 Forward-Chapter 3
1/21/2017 Chapters 4-8
1/28/2017 Chapters 9-11
2/4/2017 Catchup Week
2/11/2017 Chapters 12-15
2/18/2017 Chapters 16-18
2/25/2017 Chapters 19-23*
3/4/2017 Chapters 24-27*
3/11/2017 Chapters 28-31*
3/18/2017 Catchup Week
3/25/2017 Chapters 32-Appendix*

*Note: If you do not have the 2017 addition, your older edition is lacking two new chapters (22-23). Thus, after February 25, you will be two chapters behind this itinerary: March 4 (chps. 22-25); March 11 (26-29); March 25 (30-Appendix). We will briefly touch on the contents in the new chapters, but if you would prefer to not purchase a new book, you will be fine.

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