Jesus and John the Baptist

BIBLE PASSAGE: John 3:22-36
MAIN POINT: Jesus came from heaven to earth.
KEY PASSAGE: John 14:6
BIG PICTURE QUESTION: Who did Jesus say He is? Jesus said He is the Messiah.
This week we are talking about the special relationship Jesus had with John the Baptist, and how John’s followers should respond to Jesus. They were confused at first. Who should they follow. John said to follow Jesus. He must increase, and I must decrease.
When you are discipling your children, do you have that attitude as well. Are you making “good little Christians” that will be obedient to their parents? Or are you striving to have your children follow Jesus. He must increase, I must decrease.
So how do you do that. Focus on the gospel transformation of your children, not on the “right” behaviors. There is a great book I highly recommend: Grace Based Parenting ( that does a wonderful job talking about how to reach your children in love and not fear.
God bless you as you make disciples of your children.
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