BIBLE PASSAGE: Luke 4:14-30
MAIN POINT: Jesus explained that the Scriptures tell about Him.
KEY PASSAGE: John 14:6
BIG PICTURE QUESTION: Who did Jesus say He is? Jesus said He is the
The story this week in Sunday school is about Jesus in his hometown of Nazareth and how the people there didn’t accept him as Messiah. I’m reminded that even the greatest teacher in history was not always convincing. The people of his hometown could only see the carpenters son. They couldn’t see him as the promised one from God.
When we share the gospel with people, even people closest to us, they will not always listen. But it is not our job to convince someone. Our job is to be a witness to the truth of Jesus.
Talk to your kids this week about sharing the truth of Jesus, even with people that won’t believe it. Be a witness to the truth.
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