Church family,

1) This Sunday (12/22) we’ll celebrate the 4th week of Advent at our 9:25AM Worship Service, watch our children’s Christmas program at 11AM, and join in a family meal/potluck around 11:20/25AM. Please bring friends, as well as, a main dish and a side dish to share.

2) Our Christmas Eve candlelight service is at 6PM on Tuesday 12/24. Included is a special Christmas Reading for little kids and then a proclamation of Jesus Christ and the hope of salvation.

3) Regarding our Statement of Faith Discussion…Thank you for sending your feedback to the elders regarding Article #9 of our Statement of Faith . Based on your replies, the elders would like to a host an informational meeting on Monday night January 20 from 6:30-7:30PM (we’ll end promptly because a Leadership Summit will immediately follow at 7:30PM). We hope most of our members will attend. If the congregation seeks more engagement on this topic after January 20th, we may offer further opportunities. Please¬†review the Elder’s original proposal for the amendment that was published for the November 2019 congregational meeting. (attached)

The meeting’s agenda is as follows:6:30-50: Why the Elders Recommend the Change with Q&A (Randy Pospisil)¬†
6:50-7:15: A Biblical Look at Different End Times Views with Q&A (Matt Proctor)7:20-30: Open Discussion and Q&A