Church family,

1) This Sunday (12/22) we’ll celebrate the 4th week of Advent at our 9:25AM Worship Service, watch our children’s Christmas program at 11AM, and join in a family meal/potluck around 11:20/25AM. Please bring friends, as well as, a main dish and a side dish to share.

2) Our Christmas Eve candlelight service is at 6PM on Tuesday 12/24. Included is a special Christmas Reading for little kids and then a proclamation of Jesus Christ and the hope of salvation.

3) Regarding our Statement of Faith Discussion…Thank you for sending your feedback to the elders regarding Article #9 of our Statement of Faith . Based on your replies, the elders would like to a host an informational meeting on Monday night January 20 from 6:30-7:30PM (we’ll end promptly because a Leadership Summit will immediately follow at 7:30PM). We hope most of our members will attend. If the congregation seeks more engagement on this topic after January 20th, we may offer further opportunities. Please review the Elder’s original proposal for the amendment that was published for the November 2019 congregational meeting. (attached)

The meeting’s agenda is as follows:6:30-50: Why the Elders Recommend the Change with Q&A (Randy Pospisil) 
6:50-7:15: A Biblical Look at Different End Times Views with Q&A (Matt Proctor)7:20-30: Open Discussion and Q&A

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