Dear Church Family,

I’m very excited to see many of you this Saturday night at 6:30PM and on Sunday at 9:25AM. It is a beautiful thing when brothers and sisters dwell together in unity (Psalm 133). 

A few quick words on this weekend:

#1: For Saturday’s 6:30PM event, keep on the lookout for an email from Pastor Gary. He’s putting together a wonderful Parking Lot Reunion. So bring a lawn chair and spread out on the parking lot; we’ll see you then. Hopefully some of those who are uncomfortable being in the building on Sunday will feel more comfortable with the outside gathering on Saturday.

#2: Sunday’s Service – Our first Sundays together will feel quite different. There will be joy in seeing one another’s faces, but also a sense of loss because of social distancing protocols. I pray we serve one another in love because I’m certain every person will find some aspect of our regathering that feels cumbersome. (More details in this document we sent out last week.)    

A. Please check out my video this week to see how we’ve set up the sanctuary; I also take a few moments to reflect on the current “Black Lives Matter” protests and a perspective Christians should consider:

B. When you arrive on Sunday, the foyer will be mostly empty. A pathway will be marked out that leads you in and out of the building. Please don’t stand in the walkway.   

C. When you enter the sanctuary, pick up your communion elements. These are pre-packaged items that contain both the bread and juice (bread in a sealed part up top and the juice below). A service bulletin will be available too. Then find a set of chairs that is the same as your “party.” We have different groupings of chairs that will hopefully accommodate all who come to worship with us.   

D. The first song in the service will only be sung by the Worship Team. We’re saving all congregation singing for the end of the service.   

E. When you leave, a small momento will also be available for pickup. You may see these as you come in, but wait to pick one up till you leave.

F. Those choosing to stay at home can tune in to Facebook Live as in week’s past. The prelude/virtual foyer should start around 9:20AM. You can find the live stream as well as all our past videos at:

In Christ,

Pastor Matt

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