Hi Cornerstone family!
This Sunday, July 5th, the Nursery for our main service will be open for the first time.
Nursery is offering childcare for children ages 0-3. We encourage parents with children capable of sitting still through the service to keep their child with them in the service to limit the amount of children in nursery if possible.
As far as our Nursery protocols are concerned, there are a number of things we have decided to do differently and a number of things that will remain the same. We want to let you know that the decisions made about how to re-open the Nursery were thought about with great care and much discussion among childrens ministry leaders, and parents of children that have attended nursery consistently within the body, all the while considering CDC’s recommendations for childcare facilities.

Here are the things that will remain much the same but we want to remind you of:
– If your child has had a fever within the last 24 hours we ask that you not bring them in. If you are uncertain of this, we will have a thermometer at the nursery door available for parents to check their child’s temperature.
– If a child is exhibiting cold or flu symptoms or develops a fever during the service, we will kindly ask they return to their parents to protect the child’s health and the health of others in Nursery.
– Please, no outside food or drinks for children in the nursery.
– If possible, please no outside comfort items (blankets, pacifiers, stuff toys, etc.)

– We will NOT require children to wear masks.

– We do not see it possible to social distance toddlers and will not be isolating them one from another. However, we will remain vigilant, as always, to have children keep their saliva to themselves and practice good hygiene. 
– Much like our policy in the main service, Nursery workers are encouraged to wear masks if they are concerned about risk of exposure or exposing others. They will not, however, be required to wear masks. 

Here is what is NEW:
– Please make sure your child has been free of respiratory symptoms for 3 days before coming to Nursery. 

– Please do not bring your child to nursery if they have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 within the last 2 weeks.
– If Nursery attendance exceeds 5 children we will make use of the Children’s Church room to limit exposure.
– In order to help with social distancing, we ask that children are brought to the door one at a time. So if someone else is dropping their child off, please linger for a moment and then bring your sweet baby to us 🙂
– We will only have adult Volunteers with the exception of mature Juniors and Seniors in High School.
– There will be no snacks served in Nursery for the time being.
– We have removed all kitchen and cloth/soft toys to discourage pretend eating and help with easy cleaning.
– Toys will be cleaned promptly after the service each week.

We know this has been a trying time for parents in all situations. Thank you to parents who have been so forbearing. We are eager for those of you that have been in and out of the service with your children to be able to engage fully in the service and to finally see those of you that have had to stay home with your children. 
We are praying that wherever you are, you are protected from discouragement and upheld by the Father’s grace. Looking forward to seeing you 

On behalf of our children’s ministry team,
Kayla Biegler

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