Church family,

Whether it’s love or foolishness, I try to stay abreast of  Covid-19 numbers. I try to listen to our denomination, civic leaders, and the people in our church family. Certainly what we’re facing is unprecedented, confusing, and often, sadly, polarizing. So how can we as Christ-followers at Cornerstone respond?

First, let’s be “slow to speak and quick to listen” and “rare to post and ready to learn.” If you take this stance, you’ll find differing scientific perspectives, political attitudes, and health situations. Just yesterday a friend of mine (who leans libertarian politically) had to cancel a planned visit with my family because his kids’ baseball seasons have been affected by Covid-19, and he didn’t want to ruin his kids’ seasons or their teams’ seasons by taking an unnecessary risk. I grieved the loss of seeing my friend, but I too didn’t want to be the accidental culprit that brought down baseball. :/

Second, let’s consider others’ needs greater than our own (Philippians 2:3-4). You may have few concerns or reasons to socially distance or wear a mask, but what if your neighbor (knowingly or not) has a health need or is caring for an ill or aging family member? What can you do to serve them, their needs, their concerns? And even if you aren’t convinced by some of the medical professionals weighing in on containment measures, how do you show concern for the mental and emotional concerns of those who think social distancing and masks are not optional? Likewise, if you know of a brother or sister who has grave concerns about government overreach or public panic, how can you show care and concern?

I’m struck by the Apostle Paul’s repeated admonitions to not let the church get pulled into arguments, to avoid provoking one another, but instead to serve one another in love (speaking of which, check out this week’s video encouragement: Christians unite around the good news of Jesus Christ. Christians engage in service to the poor and marginalized. Christians lay down their lives and livelihoods in service to King and Kingdom. To God be the glory, to God be the glory alone.

I love you friends; let’s serve one another in love, together.

In Christ,

Pastor Matt

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