Dear Church Family,

I wanted to give you a heads up on upcoming changes (and what is staying the same) as Cornerstone Church continues to seek the LORD in the days of Covid-19.

 – This Sunday (7/26) we’re going to take the Lord’s Supper differently (again). 

1. Those of you who are wanting a “gluten free” option will continue to collect your bread and cup in the rear of the sanctuary. A table will be along the back wall with your supplies.     

2. Everyone else will not collect the prepackaged “two-in-one” bread/cup as we’ve done the past 6 weeks. (These prepackaged items are expensive and hard to come by.) Instead, when we come to the Lord’s Supper in the service, the ushers will pass out the elements seat by seat. The elements will be prepared for you in advance in a sanitized way. The elements will come to you in 2 stacked communion cups; the bread will be in the bottom cup and the juice cup will be stacked on top. The ushers will wear masks and gloves.

3. If you feel strongly about continuing with a pre-packaged bread/cup combo, there will still be a few of these available at the same table as the gluten-free option along the back wall.  

– Service Order, Sanctuary Set-Up, and Masks

1. We will continue the same service order for the foreseeable future. That means all congregational singing will be at the end of the service. The room will be spread out for social distancing. I’d hoped to see fewer positive cases in Linn County and Iowa, but alas, so far, concerns remain.     

2. Masks are still not required, and those up front have chosen to not wear masks in order to lead more effectively. But just in case you are unaware, current county and state agencies do encourage wearing face masks at public gatherings as a means of not passing on the coronavirus. I personally chose to wear a mask this past Sunday since I was not preaching, and I plan to wear a mask during congregational singing moving forward. For certain individuals a mask is not a good option; for others they are the only option. We’re going to give grace to different viewpoints and seek the LORD together.

3. If you are choosing to not participate in our worship services, would you kindly email me or to let us know? Please share how you’re doing spiritually, how we can serve you, and how we can pray for you. 

– Fall Ministries Launching

1. We are hoping to launch our fall ministries in late August and early September. Our official launch day will be August 23. Sunday School classes will briefly meet after the service, and then, the hospitality team is planning an off-site outdoor picnic. More details to come. 

2. Various small groups, classes, and microgroups will get underway in September. Most likely, there will be risks in these gatherings so it will take discernment as a church and as individuals to know when and how these gatherings can occur. Please pray for our body!

God is good; He shepherds His Church!

I took a different approach for this week’s video encouragement:

Sincerely yours,

-Pastor Matt