Dear Church Family,

I think we all know the wearing of masks has become a controversial issue, and I pray we as a church individually and corporately walk with discernment, mercy, and love.  

As you may be aware, Mayor Hart of Cedar Rapids recently used emergency powers to place a mask mandate on the city of Cedar Rapids. Our church facility falls outside of Cedar Rapids, but the elders took some time to discuss the mandate in deference to our civil authorities. I also contacted other church pastors to give serious consideration to what this could mean for Cornerstone.

For starters, we are already in the spirit of compliance with Mayor Hart’s mandate. He says all people should wear a mask if 6 feet of social distance cannot be maintained. Our open foyer and spaced out seating already allow for this.

We do have a few spaces, classes, and groups that do not allow for social distancing. In such spaces, recent mandates and health agencies would recommend masks. So too, wearing a mask can be received as an act of love to your brothers and sisters in Christ (especially where seniors, new/expecting moms and babies, and those with other health concerns are present). 

And yet, for some of you, other health concerns, the loss of social engagement, and other values make mask wearing an undue burden. 

Thus, as a church, we will not police mask wearing, and still believe it’s ultimately an individual decision.  This may put some at a health risk so we recognize that some people will prefer to worship online until the pandemic lessens.

I pray we give people grace for our different views, and try to remain united in Christ, the gospel, and the Great Commission. 

Lord help us, Lord help our cities,

Pastor Matt