Dear Church Family,

Happy April Fool’s Day. I became a fool for Christ over 25 years ago. Admittedly, I came to Christ primarily regarding the guilt of my sin and the condemnation of my soul. It took time and discipleship for me to further understand the foolishness of the Cross. How could God embrace such weakness? And yet, Jesus became weak because we are weak. Jesus became poor because we are poor. Jesus became a sin offering because we are sinners. Now, any and all who admit they are weak, poor, and sinful can have hope, but the strong, rich, and proud will never realize why Christ’s weakness is their redemption.

This weekend I get to gather with other weak, poor, and sinful people (that’s you if you’re not paying attention :), fellow fools for Christ. We don’t come to remember our goodness, but to treasure the grace that saves and sustains. We’re a rough-looking lot, and yet we’re loved. We’re still unfinished projects, but the Father persists. He is good and His love endures forever.

Would you join me in worship of Him? This Sunday at 9:25AM with your Cornerstone family at Cornerstone Church’s facility. This Friday at 6:30PM with Northbrook Baptist, Trinity Presbyterian, and us at Northbrook (1700 Boyson Rd NE in CR).

I hope it works for you to be with us in person; if not on Friday you can use Northbrook’s YouTube link ( Or our Facebook Live service this Sunday. 

If you’re interested, I also posted another Pastor Encouragement video: 

The world is different because a man came back from the dead…Hope is changed because a man walked out of his tomb…Do you know Him? Are you a fool for Christ? Go deep with God this Holy Week.

In Christ,

Pastor Matt

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