Dear Church Family,

I crossed my 11 year mark this past Monday, June 21. You’ve been gracious and forgiving, encouraging and kind, generous and hard working. Thank you for the privilege of serving beside you. Our future together is as bright as the promises of God.

By way of reminders:

#1: Sunday Morning Prayer: There is an open invite every Sunday from 8:40-9:10AM to PRAY in Room 103. The head of every church is Christ; the backbone is prayer. Would you join us each Sunday for 30 minutes of prayer? You can cut out early if you have a Sunday morning service obligation; you can come late if 8:40AM isn’t feasible.

#2: Elder Retreat (June 30-July 1): Please also be in prayer (and potentially fasting) for the elders when they meet this coming Wednesday-Thursday for a 2 day retreat for planning, seeking the LORD, and assessing our body.

#3: Focus Group Summary Doc: I’ve attached a 2 page summary of the Covid-19 Focus Groups. Thanks for the feedback. Please read thru this to get a taste of the journey shared by your brothers and sisters.

Sincerely yours,

Pastor Matt

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