Dear Church,

I loved our worship, meal, and meeting this past Sunday. What a rich reminder of God’s many mercies on us. Also, for a brief word of encouragement you can check out this recent pastor encouragement video:

Please support these upcoming opportunities with your presence and prayers:

1) Giving to Bridgehaven Pregnancy Support Center. More info on our website on what we’re doing right now:
2) Be on the look out on ways you can donate shoes and backpacks for the next school year. (details to come)
3) Invite new people to our Next Steps Class on 5/22 @11AM.
4) Encourage not-yet members to join the membership class on June 12th (12-3:30PM).

I look forward to worshipping with you this Sunday. We have a neat service with great music, a Mother’s Day testimony, a time to pray over our whole church (for Moms too :), and a concluding message from the Book of Hebrews! (Pray God anoints our time together.)

Thanks for letting me serve,

-Pastor Matt

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