Thanks so much for allowing me to spend time with your children on a regular basis.  I always consider it a privilege when I get time with students.

This will be the start of a monthly communication to you about what is happening at Cornerstone youth for Wednesday nights and extracurricular events.  The topics we will hit are:

HELLO – a quick greeting/encouragement from me

CURRENT – what is currently happening at Cornerstone youth

UPCOMING – key items that are coming up in the next couple of months

MISCELLANEOUS – anything else that would be good for you to know

CURRENT: We meet every Wednesday from 7-8:30pm at Cornerstone Church main lobby area. 

–          We will NOT be meeting Wednesday December 28th

For the month of December2023 we have been going over a series called Keep Calm and read your Bible.  One of the things we stress all the time as Christians is the importance of reading your Bible. But very few people have been taught HOW to actually do this. Many students have never been taught how to read the Bible well. They have just been told to read it.

There are others who have never been taught how to read the Bible, and truth be told reading the Bible can be a stressful endeavor. My hope is to relieve the stress of reading the Bible.

If Bible reading stress out your student, I want you to calm down. Calm down because this series is all about learning how. My hope is to get really practical during this series. I want to teach them how to read the Bible and give them time to read it together.


High School Retreat – January 6-8, 2023 called IMPACT conference.  To get more information and sign up please grab a brochure at the welcome desk at CornerStone.

Middle School Retreat – February 3-5, 2023 called Winter Blast – WHO AM I?  To get more information and sign up please grab a brochure at the welcome desk at CornerStone.

Wednesday Night new series starting on 4 January 2023 called SALT.

Salt cultivates a deeper understanding of God in the lives of Christian students, while simultaneously training and equipping them to reach out to their friends who need Jesus. It’s a win-win for discipleship and evangelism.


If there is an email for your child or you use that we should be sending this information to please send that to cornerstonemarionoffice@gmail.com so we have the most updated communication.


Mark Eades – Youth leader

markeugeneeadesATgmail.com or (319)389-1522:

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