Church Family,

C.S. Lewis called the incarnation of Jesus Christ “the grand miracle.” He compares Christ’s incarnation to the climax of a great story. Can you imagine your favorite story without a climax? It just wouldn’t make sense. Some truths are so central everything else hangs on them. And there’s no greater truth than the Son’s deep love for us that he was willing to go down–way down, to infancy, to a manger, to a human body, even unto death–so he could “bring the whole ruined world up with Him” (in Miracles by C.S. Lewis). Christians for north of 1500 years have considered it a wise practice to center our thoughts around this grand miracle at Christmas. Let us do just that…come and adore Him, Christ the Lord.

Upcoming Events:

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service – 12/24 @3:30PM – Invite friends and family for a solemn remembrance of Christ’s birth.

Buy Cornerstone Shirts, Pull-Overs, and other Apparel – The Cornerstone Apparel Webstore will be open through the weekend. Visit the store and purchase some new items to show your love for our church. The store will be open until December 21 and apparel will be delivered the early part of January. CLICK HERE:  Cornerstone Apparel

Worship on Christmas Day December 25 @9:25AM – We will hold a Lord’s Day worship service and take the Lord’s Supper on Sunday December 25th. We’ll finish our Advent Series in Romans 1:1-17. We will have normal childcare that day during the worship service, but there will be no Sunday School at 11AM on 12/25 or 1/1/23.

January 2023 Discipleship Offerings… 

Christian Doctrine Class – 11AM starting 1/8/22 – (Go buy yourself a copy of “Christian Beliefs: Twenty Basics Every Christian Should Know” by Wayne Grudem) 

Microgroup Discipleship Training Class – 11AM starting 1/8/22 

If you want to find a new small group to study the Bible and pray in 2023, shoot me an email.

For the sake of His name,


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