Category: Current Sermon Series

December 6, 2020: Mark 14:12-21 “A Betrayal and a Betrothal”

What is so meaningful about the Last Supper?

November 29, 2020: Mark 13:32-37 “The End of the World” (Part 2)

What should followers of Christ know about the coming judgment, and how should it shape our lives today?

November 22, 2020: Mark 14:1-11 “Faithful Action vs. Betrayal”

What do the events just prior to Jesus’s arrest teach us about faithful service vs. betrayal?

November 15, 2020: Mark 13:1-19 “The End of the World”

What vital instruction does Jesus offer to his followers for when their world is coming apart?

November 8, 2020: Mark 12:38-44 “Something More”

What can we learn from Jesus’s dire warning to religious people?