Category: Current Sermon Series

March 7, 2021: 1 John 1:1-3 “I Want You To Know…”

What offer does John make in his first letter, and what does it mean to respond to it?

February 28, 2021: Song of Songs 7-8 “The Seal”

What does it mean to be sealed and why is it important?

February 21, 2021: John 15:1-5 “Life on the Vine”

How does Jesus’s vine and branch illustration work?

February 14, 2021: Song of Songs 5-6 “The Mess”

What does Song of Songs have to teach us about times when love is difficult or relationships rocky?

February 7, 2021: Song of Songs 3-4 “The Garden”

How does Song of Songs present the value and nature of intimacy?