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Pastor Post: May 4, 2022

Dear Church,

I loved our worship, meal, and meeting this past Sunday. What a rich reminder of God’s many mercies on us. Also, for a brief word of encouragement you can check out this recent pastor encouragement video:

Please support these upcoming opportunities with your presence and prayers:

1) Giving to Bridgehaven Pregnancy Support Center. More info on our website on what we’re doing right now:
2) Be on the look out on ways you can donate shoes and backpacks for the next school year. (details to come)
3) Invite new people to our Next Steps Class on 5/22 @11AM.
4) Encourage not-yet members to join the membership class on June 12th (12-3:30PM).

I look forward to worshipping with you this Sunday. We have a neat service with great music, a Mother’s Day testimony, a time to pray over our whole church (for Moms too :), and a concluding message from the Book of Hebrews! (Pray God anoints our time together.)

Thanks for letting me serve,

-Pastor Matt

Mother/Baby Drive for Bridgehaven Pregnancy Center

Cornerstone is sponsoring a Mother/Baby Drive for Bridgehaven Pregnancy Center from May 1 to 22nd. Since 1983, Bridgehaven Pregnancy Support Center has offered compassionhope, and help in the circumstances before, during, and after pregnancy in the Cedar Rapids area. We serve both women and men and our services are always free and confidential.

Some of our services include:


  • Relational & sexual health education
  • Mentoring


  • Options discussions
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Confirmation ultrasound
  • Prenatal classes
  • Abortion Pill Reversal
  • Pregnancy/Infant loss support


  • Life-skills classes
  • Mentoring
  • Earned material assistance (food, clothing, diapers, etc.)
  • Abortion recovery support

We also operate Treasures Quality Resale Shoppe, a resale store benefiting Bridgehaven that sells clothing for the whole family, kitchen, home décor, toys, collectibles, and more. (From their website) You can find more information at We will have a representative speak during the May 15th service. The list below is of current needs:

Dr. Brown baby bottles

Baby clothes, outfits, sleepers newborn-6 months, boys and girls

Bibs and burp cloths

Hand held toys

Car seat toys

Nursing and car seat covers


Bottle scrubbers

Crib sheets

Hair bows


Monetary donations are welcomed as well

Please place either in the basket, at the table or underneath in the fellowship area. any questions, please direct them to Anne Cunningham at 319-360-4194 or

An Opportunity for Courtesy (4/12/22)

Cornerstone Church,
I’m excited to worship with you this Holy Week. We have a few different opportunities to gather (see them below), but first, can I ask a favor of you?
Would you please park far and sit close this Friday night (Good Friday Service @6PM) and Sunday morning (8:30AM breakfast/9:25AM service)?
First, would you park far from the main doors? We can park in the adjacent parking lot to our east (Rim Technologies). We can also park on the street. Let’s allow guests, baby mommas, and older saints the closer parking spots. If we have a normal Easter bump, we’ll have a difficult time fitting everyone in our parking lot.
Second, would you sit close? Sit close to the far wall when you enter the sanctuary/ Rather than sit in that first section of chairs, would you leave them for the late arrivers? Also, please sit closer to the front and closer to each other; please move into the center of the row if you are the first to arrive rather than guard the outside seats. By the way, I’ll try not to spit on you if you sit in the front row 🙂
Thanks for being such a warm and welcoming bunch! Pray also for the hearts of those God is leading to join us. Remember, to invite a non-churched person; this may be the day of their salvation.
I love being your pastor!
(Don’t forget our last Wednesday 12PM service tomorrow.)

Pastor Post: 4/7/22

Church family,

Where do you go when you feel like you don’t measure up? Sinned to much? Failed too often? Achieved so little? The heart cries, “I’m not the parent I need to be.” Jesus says, “It is finished.” “My career isn’t what I hoped it would be.” Jesus says, “It is finished.” “Others are so much more beautiful, successful, and put-together than me.” Jesus says, “It is finished.”

We might call our fears and doubts internal condemnation. Even there, Jesus speaks peace. But of greater importance, we face external condemnation. Galatians 3 speaks of the “curse of the law.” To violate God’s commands demands God’s condemnation. And that’s why Jesus had to go there–to calvary, to our place of condemnation, to take our death. Because Jesus went there, he speaks peace to all who come to Him. Jesus says, “It is finished.”

A few quick church announcements:

#1: Please prayerfully participate in our “Knock It Down” debt reduction campaign. More info here:

#2: Check out my recent Pastor Encouragement Video:
#3: Here’s the line-up for Cornerstone’s Holy Week events:

4/13 12PM Wednesday – Lent Service (Genesis 22) 

4/15 6PM Friday – Good Friday Service 

4/17 8:30AM Sunday – Continental Breakfast ​(feel free to bring something to share; more details to come)​​

4/17 ​9:25AM Sunday – Resurrection Service

​Take care my friends. He is risen!

-Pastor Matt

Knock It Down (Debt Reduction Opportunity)

Church Family,

The elders are asking everyone to prayerfully consider giving to debt reduction in April.  The campaign is called “Knock it Down”.  We would like to pay down a large portion of our mortgage starting in April with giving going into next year.  Please submit a pledge card no later than May 1 (

Please prayerfully consider what you might pledge to give this April and then what you might pledge over the next year.  Again, please pray and then give as you’re led; we believe reducing our debt will put us in a better position to do ministry.  

Read the letter put together by the elders with help from the deacons further explaining the “Knock it Down” campaign.

Thank you for your consideration, it’s a pleasure to serve you all,
Alex Steele for the elders