Faith & Work

TheGrandNarrative-page-001The purposes of the Faith and Work Ministry are to strengthen our Cornerstone Family by providing:

  • a broader look at God’s Story through the lens of Faith and Work
  • a more profound understanding of our roles in God’s Redemption of His Kingdom.


We have 3 main initiatives:

  1. The B.L.E.S.S. learning Community: A 10 month long leadership development course for those wanting to better understand “Vocational Faithfulness” to serve home, work, neighbor, and nations.
  2. Reading Groups: Small gatherings of those seeking to better understand how Monday-through Saturday connects with Sunday faith.
  3. Praying for and celebrating vocation in our corporate worship services.


If you want to learn more about Faith and Work Integration, here are some resources:

Our Sermon Series, ‘Contributing to God’s Work’

Our Calling and God’s Glory by Gene Edward Veith



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