Cornerstone Church is an elder-led congregational church. That is, we have a church led by men who submit to the body of Christ (Ephesians 5:21; 1 Timothy 5:17-20), and we have a church body that submits to its appointed leaders (Hebrews 13:7, 17).  The biblical term “elder” is used interchangeably with other words like pastor, overseer, and shepherd throughout Scripture. Though we call our vocational elders “pastors” because they are supported financially to fulfill the role of elder, ultimately all elders are pastors and all pastors are elders (Acts 20:13-37; 1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9; 1 Peter 5:1-4).

Matt Proctor serves as our teaching pastor. He met his wife Carrie at Iowa State University. They have 3 boys and a girl. Matt is a native Iowan who loves people, sports, and books (click here for his recommended reading list). Matt serves as a volunteer chaplain for the Marion Police Department and is a board member for Serve the City. 


Pastor Gary Hoobler grew up in Illinois and is married to Patsy. They have three grown sons and a daughter still at home. For over 30 years, Gary has served local churches in worship ministry, and is the associate pastor at Cornerstone dedicated to disciple-making and leadership development ministries.

Darrel Herschberger is married to Diane. They have two college-aged kids, John and Nancy. Darrel recently retired from Collians Aerospace. Diane loves ministering to kids and young moms. Darrel leads prayer initiatives, helps take care of people in need, and sings on the worship team.

Dave Bell and his wife Becky grew up in Iowa and returned in 2017 after retirement.  Dave was a statistician for a power cooperative in Ohio.  Becky presented programs for seniors with County Extension.   Dave loves Hawkeye sports and fishing.  He works with the men’s prayer station and rotates teaching adult Sunday School.  Becky works with the women’s prayer station, women’s Bible study and senior ladies.

David Gardner is married to Colleen. Together, they have served Cornerstone Church since Cornerstone’s earliest days. David is retired from Collins Aerospace. Colleen homeschooled three children. David loves a good project, whether at home or at the church. Colleen pours into young hearts and young women.


Alex Steele is married to Megan and they have two adorable twins, Silas and Ezra. Alex works by day as a luthier (guitar maker/repair) and by night for Hooker Towing. He ministers to our middle school students, serves on our worship team, and dedicates many hours to the ministry of the Word and prayer. 


Michael Biegler is married to Kayla and has been working with the Youth Group at Cornerstone since they began coming in 2015. Michael enjoys learning and teaching God’s word, creating art in just about any medium, and spending time with Kayla and their two kids, Charlie and Phoebe. 

Jeff Olson serves in many roles and has been involved since the very beginning of Cornerstone.  Jeff was married in 2021 to Jayne, whom he met on Cornerstone’s Short Term Missions trip to Ukraine in 2019. They are planning to return to Ukraine together in 2022., where Jayne has served the Lord since 2000.  Until that timing is clear Jeff will continue to serve as elder, worship leader, youth group helper, missions team chairman, and seeking God for church planting.  Jeff is a retired Air Traffic Controller. 

Deacon Board

The responsibilities of the Deacon Board include overseeing the administration of the facilities and finances of Cornerstone Church, and providing support for the vulnerable in our church body and community. Current members are:

Tim Messer-Deacon Board Chair/Finance

Becky Bell-Widows/Isolated

Scott Case-Building/Facility

Greg Dryden

Meegan Dyrland-Office/Communications

Diane Herschberger-Benevolence

Lisa Weber-Meals

If you would like to contact the board, please send an email to: thedeacons [at] cornerstone-marion.org