Dearest Church Family,

Our Sovereign Lord reigns over hurricanes, derechos, riots and viruses. He pours grace down on the broken-hearted; he sustains the weak. The world needs to know our crucified and risen King; we need to know Him and find daily life through Him. To that end, our fall ministries are not incidental. Rather, these are God’s means of grace to hold us together as a church family and to hold us up as children of our heavenly Father. 

Human history (God’s history!) has never had a day where His people didn’t face plague, natural disasters, political unrest, and persecution. It is in these very times when God’s people of light stand in contrast to the darkness that envelopes the world. Now, as much as ever, we need to cling to Christ, to one another, and to our mission to make disciples. So, how will you serve? How will you invest? For whom will you pray, share, and minister?

Opportunities abound…

#1: Fall Sunday School Classes start this Sunday (8/30)! – Sunday School will run 10:50AM-11:50AM. A large adult class studying The New City Catechsim will meet in the sanctuary to allow for social distancing. Another adult class called B.L.E.S.S. that focuses on training you for personal ministry will meet in room 101. PreK-high school will have their own classes. Note that the ability to social distance in the younger classes will be unlikley. You can choose to exclude your child or have them wear PPE.

#2: Small Groups launching in September!  Click below for a full list of small groups and bible studies. Please check with the group leader(s) if you plan to join them. Groups are launching in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd weeks of September.

#3: Alpha begins Sunday night September 13th @5:30PM! Many of you met new neighbors in the aftermath of derecho; others of you have family and friends disconnected from God or a church home; and others have coworkers interested in spiritual things. Alpha is a perfect first step for people wanting to investigate the big questions of life, God, and Christianity. Would you invite them to join us Sunday nights in September? (Free meals, childcare, and open conversations will be available every week!) We’d love for people to sign up in advance to be prepared for food and childcare. So sign up here: More information on Alpha is available at

Please stay in touch; know that I love you.
-Pastor Matt

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