Friends in Christ,

#1: Take 5 minutes and let me encourage you in the Word with this video:

#2: Please register today for the city wide AbideCR Conference, held February 11-12…let’s seek the Lord together ( 

#3: Also, just a final reminder that during the Leadership Summit (this coming Monday night @7PM), we’ll spend the first 30 minutes talking about the internship program we hope to start Fall 2022 (check out this attachment that has a few more details–).    

Any and all members who want to discuss the internship are encouraged to be there. The rest of the Leadership Summit is for the saints leading ministries, small groups, our deacons, and elders. Hey Cornerstone Church, it would please me much if you’d all take a moment right now to pray for those serving in these ministries. We have great servants, but it does get tiring and discouraging some weeks. Pray for the Spirit to renew our people and bless our labors.

One final thing; sorry again about the phishing scam that came out earlier this week. I felt so ashamed and angered that someone would use my name to attempt to swindle people. May Christ bring guilt on the perpetrators, guilt that leads them to the Cross. Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do.

See you at 9:25AM this Sunday (we’re Iowans; cold doesn’t stop us 🙂

Much love,

Pastor Matt

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