Church family,

Where do you go when you feel like you don’t measure up? Sinned to much? Failed too often? Achieved so little? The heart cries, “I’m not the parent I need to be.” Jesus says, “It is finished.” “My career isn’t what I hoped it would be.” Jesus says, “It is finished.” “Others are so much more beautiful, successful, and put-together than me.” Jesus says, “It is finished.”

We might call our fears and doubts internal condemnation. Even there, Jesus speaks peace. But of greater importance, we face external condemnation. Galatians 3 speaks of the “curse of the law.” To violate God’s commands demands God’s condemnation. And that’s why Jesus had to go there–to calvary, to our place of condemnation, to take our death. Because Jesus went there, he speaks peace to all who come to Him. Jesus says, “It is finished.”

A few quick church announcements:

#1: Please prayerfully participate in our “Knock It Down” debt reduction campaign. More info here:

#2: Check out my recent Pastor Encouragement Video:
#3: Here’s the line-up for Cornerstone’s Holy Week events:

4/13 12PM Wednesday – Lent Service (Genesis 22) 

4/15 6PM Friday – Good Friday Service 

4/17 8:30AM Sunday – Continental Breakfast ​(feel free to bring something to share; more details to come)​​

4/17 ​9:25AM Sunday – Resurrection Service

​Take care my friends. He is risen!

-Pastor Matt

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