Cornerstone Church,
I’m excited to worship with you this Holy Week. We have a few different opportunities to gather (see them below), but first, can I ask a favor of you?
Would you please park far and sit close this Friday night (Good Friday Service @6PM) and Sunday morning (8:30AM breakfast/9:25AM service)?
First, would you park far from the main doors? We can park in the adjacent parking lot to our east (Rim Technologies). We can also park on the street. Let’s allow guests, baby mommas, and older saints the closer parking spots. If we have a normal Easter bump, we’ll have a difficult time fitting everyone in our parking lot.
Second, would you sit close? Sit close to the far wall when you enter the sanctuary/ Rather than sit in that first section of chairs, would you leave them for the late arrivers? Also, please sit closer to the front and closer to each other; please move into the center of the row if you are the first to arrive rather than guard the outside seats. By the way, I’ll try not to spit on you if you sit in the front row 🙂
Thanks for being such a warm and welcoming bunch! Pray also for the hearts of those God is leading to join us. Remember, to invite a non-churched person; this may be the day of their salvation.
I love being your pastor!
(Don’t forget our last Wednesday 12PM service tomorrow.)

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