Dear Church,

You’ve been hearing a lot from me lately, so let me be brief.

#1: I GREATLY desire everyone at Cornerstone to commit to attend our September 17th Multiplication Conference. It’s a short day, 9AM-3:30PM. It’s a special opportunity for our church to experience together. You can sign up today online at this site: Or you can bring $10 cash or check and sign up this Sunday (and subsequent Sundays). Also, if you know any other Christian in town that could use encouragement in this area, please invite them.

#2: Just a heads up…There is a churchwide meal 1.5 weeks from now on August 28th at 11AM. We’re catering most of it from Pizza Ranch (fried chicken and co.). But would y’all bring a some fruit and/ dessert to share? At the end of the service, we’ll announce all the Sunday School launching this fall. And then we’ll eat around tables together. It should be sweet.

Love you much,

Pastor Matt

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