Dear Saints,

The Book of Judges begins with early compromises and will end in utter chaos. That’s how sin always works. Sins looks small, insignificant, and minor. But like an air-borne pathogen, small sins can quickly contaminate. The judges cycle feels all too common. Baby sin grows into full-grown evil; the evil wreaks havoc internally and externally; then, God’s sheer mercy brings deliverance; peace prevails; but in the midst of calm, compromises rear their head again and again. O, Lord send us a Deliverer, a Judge that can save us from the consequences of our sin and the ruinous hearts that delight in sin. Come, Lord Jesus.

A few quick updates:

#1: Honoring Life: This Sunday we begin a 3 week drive to bless Bridgehaven Pregnancy Support Center. This Christ-exalting, life-protecting ministry will join us this Sunday. We also have an opportunity to stock their ministry with many items for babies, families, and moms. Click here for what to buy:

#2: Membership and Next Steps classes: We have two opportunities for people to deepen their belonging at Cornerstone. On February 5th, people who’ve visited in the last few weeks or months should stick around during the Sunday School hour (11am-12pm) to participate in the entry level, Next Steps Class. Then, the following week, February 12th, those who have been worshipping with us 5/6 months or more are highly encouraged to move toward membership. The Membership Class is a 3-4 hour affair with a Jimmy John’s lunch included 🙂 The class will start at 12:15pm in Room 103.

Unworthy before God…and yet loved by God,

#3: AbideCR, February 17-18: Multiple churches and ministries will join forces again to host a local conference in February (hosted at New Covenant Bible Church). There will be top-notch music, gifted speakers, and multiple ways to find rest in the LORD. You can sign up today:

-Pastor Matt

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