​Hey friends (and parents especially),

The passages in front of us this Sunday (Judges 19-21) contain some of the most violent and disturbing images in Scripture (rape, bodily mutilation, and genocide–just a heads up for families with little ones or those who have an experience of sexual assault). These passages speak to just how dark human depravity can go (even among God’s people!). On the flip side, God hates evil and will judge every act and thought. ​And yet still, one commentator believes the best summary of the Book of Judges could read, “And where sin increased, grace increased all the more.” God’s people break His covenant and laws. God’s people go off the rails, and yet God continues to work in and through His people. The blackness of sin only makes the glory of the Cross even brighter. The Father loves us. The Son loves us. No matter how contaminated you think you are, know that Jesus bought you and purified you with His blood.

Quick announcements:

6PM – Good Friday, April 7, service at Northbrook Baptist with Northbrook and Trinity Presbyterian.

8:45AM – Resurrection Sunday – Church Family Brunch – Invite your friends, family, and neighbors!

9:25AM – Resurrection Sunday service – Invite your friends, family, and neighbors!

Pray that the LORD God uses the proclamation of the gospel to change the lives of many.

I’m thankful for you.

-Pastor Matt

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