Dear family,

1) First off, thanks for praying for our daughter yesterday. Charity is in full recovery and her prognosis is great after the bone has been reset.

2) Second, thank you for praying for the Elder Retreat; I look forward to sharing some of the passionate hopes of these shepherd leaders in the coming weeks and months.

3) Third, it is super exciting to bring Ken Sidey (and Vicki) on board to support our church planting efforts in Anamosa. His start date is Monday June 26; you’ll be seeing them most Sundays. 

4) Fourth, have you heard that the Anamosa church plant has a name?? (Come this Sunday to hear the news.)

5) Fifth, our German Missions Team made it back safely! God carried them. We hope to hear a report by the month.

6) Pray for kids going to camp this summer. Pray for the Voices of Hope concert that honors Christ and lifts up our nation in prayer. Pray for the teaching and preaching of God’s Word that happens on Sunday mornings and throughout the week in Bible studies and small groups. Pray for EvangelismShift; this fall and spring you’ll have an opportunity to join a Life2Life group to take your next step in being a witness for Christ. Pray for new individuals and families that move into our area this summer; pray they all find a Christ-honoring church home and that some would join this church family. Pray for those in your home, at work, among your neighbors, and for all nations  that they would come to know and worship Jesus Christ.

Christ is risen; you will rise with Him. Hallelujah (which means Praise the LORD YHWH)!

-Pastor Matt

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