Dear Church Family,

This Sunday, we will end our summer sermon series in Romans. Next, we’ll turn our sights on Sunday morning to a 6 week biblical theology sermon series. We will study the ways God calls us, summons us, and invites us. We will marvel at God’s invitations so that we might magnify Him in like behavior.

I’m super excited about this coming ministry year. Attached you will see a summary of all the ministries that are about to launch this Fall. The danger with so many options is you might be overwhelmed. Let me make this simple…as easy as A, B, C, D: Adore God with us on Sunday morning. Belong to this church family through membership and a small group community. Contribute to God’s work serving your church family and community (serve on a ministry team; volunteer in a school or non-profit). Then, Draw others into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ in your personal relationships (open your home, talk to your neighbors). 

We’re in this together, and there’s no more important way to support each other than by prayer! Speaking of prayer…

All-Church Prayer Meeting: Join us this Tuesday, August 22, at 7PM to pray through John 17. To prepare for this meeting, please bring along a personal praise or thanksgiving. Or select 2-5 verses from Scripture that you’d read aloud during the service to call attention to God’s goodness and glory. We’ll meet in the sanctuary; bring the kids (no one will mind if they are a little noisy).

Family Meal: Join us on Sunday August 27th for our Lord’s Day service at 9:25AM. At the end of the service we’ll introduce our new Sunday School teachers and ministries, and then we’ll all join together in a potluck in the foyer. Bring along a main dish and side dish or dessert to share, and this is an awesome Sunday to invite a coworker, neighbor, or friend.

Please pray for the Fall 2023 Groups/Classes that we’re planning; feel free to print the attachment and add it to your prayer list. 

Thanks family,


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