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Church family,
My daughter asked me last week, “Dad, if I invite someone to church and they say no, can I still put an acorn in the tree in the foyer?” And I said, “Of course; we’re celebrating whenever we make an invitation, not only if someone responds to it.” So, if you invite someone to lunch, put an acorn in the tree. If you invite someone to a Bible study group, add an acorn. If you say, “Hey, would you join me this week as I deliver a meal to a friend recovering from surgery,” add an acorn? We desire to send out 1,000 invitations to our city and friends this year. I think we’re a little less than 10% under way; press on my friends, press on.**
This past Sunday we talked about the invitation to service. Jesus invites us to service. Yes, it starts with us, yielding to Him and receiving His mercy toward us. But then, we respond gladly. So, how will you serve Jesus this week? And who can you invite to serve with you? Maybe it’s volunteering at your kid’s school event. Maybe it’s simply offering to drive someone to save them (or their parents) a trip. Maybe you sign up to be a Big Brother or Big Sister ( Maybe you sign up to serve in our church’s nursery or with Children’s Church. Many of you are already plugged into service; would you call or email someone right now and invite them to join you?
A final word on prayer opportunities…
#1: I invite you to join the Sunday morning prayer gathering from 8:40-9:10AM in Room 103. We pray for the needs of our people, our city, and that God would show up in our Sunday morning ministries.
#2: I invite you to join the Wednesday noon prayer meeting that goes from 12:10PM-12:45PM in Room 101. This is a mixed prayer meeting that involves reading of passages, times of silent prayer, and opportunities to praise and petition God.
#3: I invite you to our evening of all- church worship and prayer on October 18th. We will pause our small groups that week in order to call the church family to pray with one another, to sing, and to gather humbly before the LORD.
Jesus entered the Temple and saw supposed “Godfearers” doing all sorts of things. But what Jesus didn’t see was prayer. He put a stop to all the festivities, threw a few tables, and gave us marching orders…God’s house is to be a house of prayer. O that Cornerstone would be known as a house of prayer.
You are dear friends; thank you for your partnership in the gospel.
Under grace,
Pastor Matt
**Reminder: if you want someone else to add the acorn for your invitation, please send a text to 319.382.6424 or email Simply say, “I invited,” or feel free to share the story behind the invitation. We’d love to capture invitation stories and wait on God to bring about transformation.
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