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End of the Year Updates (12/19/2023)

Dear Church Family,
Every December I take stock of God’s many mercies in the previous year. 
1) For example. I think it’s amazing that this church has invested more financial resources into ministry than ever before. By the end of the year, you will have supported the Anamosa Church Plant with $30K toward Ken Sidey’s staff support, sound equipment, and ministry events (probably closer to $40-45K planned next year). You will bring our mortgage debt down another $45K (only ~$80K to go). You supported Cornerstone mission trips to Germany and India, and continued with our mission partners locally and globally. Your generosity paid two-full time pastors and two amazing part-time ministry partners (Meegan and Mark, thank you!). So too, I have loved hearing that our Deacons have made use of the benevolence fund to help people both inside our church family during medical and family crises. This may be the first time in our church history we end the year in the negative, but even then, I praise God for the many years of savings that has positioned us to serve at such a time as this. Hallelujah!
2) The Christmas Party on December 10 was a huge success! Wow, what a hospitable, warm, and God-honoring event. Great job Boni, Lisa, Karen, Tony, Randy, Mike, Meegan, Gary and so many more. And we even know how to make it better next year. Thank you for inviting friends and family; we pray it will be a helpful step in their connection and growth toward Jesus Christ. (Don’t forget to invite people to the Christmas Eve worship service at 9:25AM and then the 4:30PM candlelight service.)
3) Speaking of invites, I love seeing our tree fill up with acorns. I see new faces in church every week. I hear of families inviting other families to parties and meals. I hear of people opening bedrooms and places to stay for people in need. Many of you are having gospel conversations among neighbors and workmates. Let’s keep inviting people to great things: Invite people to your Christ, to your church, to serve with you, to your groups, and to your table. Invite people into these transformative places and watch God work. Remember to drop in the acorns so we can see God at work.
4) Finally, I want to end with a huge thank you to the volunteers that make this church hum. We have top-notch leaders, humble-behind-the-scenes saints, and I-will-fill-the-gap servants. Thank you. Our kids are well-loved. Our services rise up with beautiful praise to God. Folks without cars find rides to church. The Word gets taught in all sorts of venues. And prayers go up to heaven in planned and unplanned gatherings of God’s people. To God be the glory.
It’s a privilege to serve this church family,
Pastor Matt
P.S. You still have two opportunities to drop your offerings, special gifts, and targeted giving on Sunday December 24 and 31. The two main areas we’re suggesting for targeted giving are debt reduction and the Risen Hope Anamosa church plant. Of course, you can give online anytime:
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