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New Year (January 2, 2024)

Dear Church Family,
Leadership guru John Maxwell is known for saying, “Everything worthwhile is uphill.” Think about the wisdom in that aphorism. It’s worthwhile to be physically healthy, but it’s an uphill battle. So too, godly parenting, being a constant learner, and a husband who cherishes his wife are all uphill efforts. John Maxwell goes on to say, “Our problem is we have uphill hopes but downhill habits.” That’s a painful, but kind diagnosis. We are the people we are today based on the series of habits that have led us up to this moment (for good or ill). 
So, as we put 2023 into the rearview mirror, and look ahead to 2024, what uphill habits can you embrace for the important uphill battles?
1) For starters, would you like to join the Proctor family as we read through the Bible this year? (This is the reading plan we’re using:
2) What about steps to develop a praying life? Maybe you put Cornerstone’s 12:15-12:45PM Wednesday prayer meeting on your calendear (room 101). Or you commit to come early on Sundays and pray from 8:40AM-9:10AM (in room 103). How can you incorporate daily and weekly habits of prayer?
3) If you’re a parent, how can you connect with each kid daily to love them and point them to Jesus? (I recommend mealtimes and bedtimes, especially.)
4) If you’re married, how can you limit media use in 2024 in order to talk to each other (and kiss now and again too), share burdens, and pray with each other? Maybe you commit to turn off all media at least 3 nights a week by 7PM.
5) If you’re aging or no longer working 40 hours a week, what habits can you plug in to invest in the next generation? How can you encourage, support, and pray for up-and-coming leaders?
6) “Everything worthwhile is uphill. Our problem is we have uphill hopes but downhill habits.” Praise be to God, He comes to our aid. He sends us forgiveness through Jesus Christ; God comforts and supports us through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. As Galatians 2:20 declares, every Christian experiences a personal death (to old dreams, passions, and lusts) and becomes alive to God; a Christian now lives by faith in the Son of God who loves us and has died for us!
A few quick updates on ministries relaunching in 2024:
Every Sunday: 8:40AM Prayer in room 103, then 9:25AM worship, and 11AM Biblical Instruction for all ages
Tuesday-Thursday: adult small group Bible studies each night & women’s Bible studies Tuesday and Thursday mornings
Wednesdays 12:15-12:45PM – Noon Prayer (a guided time of Scripture reading, prayer, silence, etc. in Room 101)
Wednesdays 7PM – Youth Ministry for 6th-12th grades (music, games, lessons, small groups)
Please contact me or or let the know if you want to plug in somewhere.
Godspeed to you in 2024,
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