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Dear Church Family,
One of the goals of  “invite people to great things” is that you would invite people to serve with you. For instance, I know some of you volunteer at the school, or coach a sports team, or visit shut ins, or serve at the His Hands Free Medical Clinic. How could you invite someone to serve with you? Another key way you are probably already serving is through prayer. Prayer is the highest form of service. So, I’m super thankful for the people who come to the 8:40AM Sunday morning prayer time or the 12:15PM Noon Prayer Service on Wednesdays. I know that others of you serve through prayer in other ways. How could you invite someone to come and serve beside you in prayer? So go ahead, invite someone to join you in serving your community, invite someone to join you in prayer (and then drop an acorn in our tree).
Church Happenings:
1) New Approach to Communion Sunday (2/11): We will begin taking the Lord’s Supper in a slightly different way this Sunday (so too, Feb. 18, 25th, and then on the 3rd Sundays of the month to follow). Basically, an elder or pastor will be serving the Lord’s Supper in the back of the Sanctuary in small groups of 5-8 people. This may be a little bumpy the first few times we do it, but I trust this will be a meaningful and Christ-honoring practice in due time.
2) Soup Supper and Prayer Service, Wednesday evening (2/28): We have a churchwide 6PM soup supper on Wednesday February 28 followed by a 7PM Prayer Service filled with singing, Scripture, and prayer. (Feel free to come just for supper or the worship service.)
3) Other reminders
     – Please get your donations for Bridgehaven Pregnancy Support Center in the next few weeks; you can also give donations online ( 
     – The Abide Conference in Cedar Rapids starts in 9 days; you can still sign up ( 
     – A Cornerstone Church membership class will be held Sunday February 18, from 12:15-3:45PM. 
Under grace for His glory,
– Pastor Matt
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