Category: Current Sermon Series

September 19, 2021: Deut 8 “Never Forget”

Why is it valuable to look back, and how can it inform our going forward?

September 22, 2021: Malachi 1:6-14 “How Have We Shown Contempt For God’s Name? (Pt 1)”

How have we shown contempt for God’s name?

September 5, 2021: Malachi 1:1-5 “How Has God Loved Us?”

How has God loved us, and why is this the first question Malachi tackles in addressing God’s people?

August 29, 2021: Malachi 1-4 Introduction “Revere God’s Name By Keeping Covenant”

A first look at the book of Malachi. Why is God so concerned with His Name, and why should we be likewise?

August 22, 2021: Genesis 4:1-16 “The Way of Cain”

Why did God find Cain’s sacrifice unacceptable? What is the “Way of Cain” and how can we be vigilant for its influence in our hearts?