Category: Current Sermon Series

September 20, 2020: Mark 11:12-26 “A Parable of Judgment & Effective Prayer”

How are judgment and effective prayer connected, and what does Jesus’s cursing a fig tree teach us about these things?

September 13, 2020: Mark 11:1-11 “The King Enters His City”

September 6, 2020: Exodus 40 “Out of Egypt, Onward with God”

What is the significance of how and where the book of Exodus ends, for the people of Israel historically, and for us today?

August 30, 2020: Exodus 33:18 – 34:35 “Almost, But Not Quite”

What is the difference between a partial experience of God’s glory and the full experience of it? How can we know God’s glory in ways that Moses could not?

August 16, 2020: Psalm 23 “Peace, Presence, and a Future”

How do God and the Word of God uphold us in the face of trouble?