Author: cceditor

October 18, 2020: Mark 12:18-27 “When Resurrection Seems Far-fetched”

What is the importance and meaning of the resurrection?

October 11, 2020: Mark 12:13-17 “Caesar, Government, Power, and God”

What does Jesus teach about the appropriate view of human and governmental authorities, and how can it help us stay focused in this tumultuous season?

October 4, 2020: Ecclesiastes 4 “Under the Sun: A Problem With God”

Sermon this week brought by guest Mike Shields, EFCA Central District Superintendent.

What point is Solomon making with his seemingly hopeless musings in Ecclesiastes 4?

September 27, 2020: Mark 11:27-12:12 “Playing Games With God”

How were the Jewish leaders of Jesus’s day playing games with God, and how do we sometimes do the same thing?

September 20, 2020: Mark 11:12-26 “A Parable of Judgment & Effective Prayer”

How are judgment and effective prayer connected, and what does Jesus’s cursing a fig tree teach us about these things?