Author: cceditor

January 10, 2021: Mark 16:1-8 “He Is Risen: Drop the Spices and Head to Galilee”

Why is Christ’s resurrection the most important and impactful piece of news in the world today?

January 3, 2021: Mark 15:40-47 “Certain Death and Surprising Disciples”

What did Jesus’s death mean for some of his disciples – a wealthy ruler and a group of women – and what does it mean for us?

December 27, 2020: James 4:5-5:8 “And A Humble New Year”

What does it look like for a follower of Christ to answer the Bible’s call to humility?

December 20, 2020: Mark 15:1-47 “Why Christmas?”

Why does the cross teach us more about the meaning of Christmas than the manger?

December 13, 2020: Mark 14:27-72 “Abandoned to Die”

Why was Jesus abandoned, and why does his abandonment mean that followers of Christ never ultimately will be?