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May 28, 2023: Romans 3:1-20 “Silence for the Soul”

May 21, 2023: Romans 2:17-29 “Caught in a Confidence Game”

Big Idea: Spiritual knowledge does not guarantee God’s honor. Spiritual signs do not guarante spiritual substance. Only God can bring hte honor and the substance.

May 14, 2023: Romans 2:1-16 “Your Hypocritical Judgements Exposed”

Big Idea: Man’s judgement is found faulty, but God’s judgement is rendered rightly.

May 7, 2023: Romans 1:24-32 “Signs of Trouble, Part 2”

Big Idea: Sometimes God give us what we want and deserve (What happens when God lets us go after what we want…)

April 30, 2023: Romans 1:18-23 “Signs of Trouble, Part 1 “

Big Idea: Hear this message from Romans 1

April 23, 2023: Psalm 138 “God’s Faithful Integrity”

God’s faithful love will endure because God has integrity – He keeps His word.

April 16, 2023: Romans 1:1-17 “Introduction to Romans”

Big Idea: God is glorifiied when a church lives in harmony under gospel grace and only then can it reach out effectively with zeal.

April 9, 2023: Acts 2:22-40 “Death Could Not Hold Him”

Big Idea: Repent and be baptised, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins.

April 2, 2023: Judges 19-21 “Doing Right in Your Own Eyes, Part 2: The Harvest of Destruction”

Big Idea: Unchecked immorality always spreads.

March 26, 2023: Judges 17-18 “Doing Right in Your Own Eyes, Part 1: The Seed of Disobedience”

Big Idea: People have an amazing ability to “follow God” while walking in disobedience.