Pastor Post: April 4, 2024

Dear Church Family,A few words of thanks:    – A big thank you to Pastor Gary and all the key players who served us on Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday services. Pastor Gary offered a labor of love to our church and the others present at Good Friday. He’s an amazing servant of Christ and this […]

2024 Holy Week Resources/Opportunities

Church family,   Here are a few ways to deepen your Holy Week worship:   #1: Use the this Bible reading plan (Holy Week) for yourself and your family that leads up to Resurrection Sunday. There’s also a useful daily Bible App called “Join the Journey” that will highlight Bible verses that line up with each […]

Pastor Post: March 21, 2024

Dear church family, Today I met Danny and Ana. Ana is a mid-30s mom of 3 children from Sioux City; she has received cancer treatment for leukemia every weekday for 12 weeks. On Tuesday, I met a gentleman who has had four brain tumor removal surgeries–the most recent, this past Monday. For the past week, I’ve been […]

Pastor Post: Good Problems (8/24/2023)

Pastor Post Good Problems (8/24/2023) Cornerstone Family, First off, I want to thank the saint who gave me this new T-shirt. I agree with every word… Second, we have church problems.  We’re running out of parking spots (only 3 out front this past Sunday). We’re running out of seats. We’re running out of rooms (a Sunday School […]

Pastor Post: August 17, 2023

Dear Church Family, This Sunday, we will end our summer sermon series in Romans. Next, we’ll turn our sights on Sunday morning to a 6 week biblical theology sermon series. We will study the ways God calls us, summons us, and invites us. We will marvel at God’s invitations so that we might magnify Him in […]

Pastor Post: 7/13/2023

Dear Church Family, I know for some of you summer is heavy. You’re tired, overwhelmed, and can’t get ahead. Please let me and the other elders know how to help you or pray with you. So too, I know for others of you summer is freeing. You’re able to travel, camp, and visit family. Please let […]

Pastor Post: 6/15/2023

Dear family, 1) First off, thanks for praying for our daughter yesterday. Charity is in full recovery and her prognosis is great after the bone has been reset. 2) Second, thank you for praying for the Elder Retreat; I look forward to sharing some of the passionate hopes of these shepherd leaders in the coming weeks […]

Christian Resources for Pride Month

May this link help you and your family navigate this month with truth and love, with an eye to glorifying our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Pastor Post: 5/25/2023

Dear Church, Would you join me in praying that God fulfills Proverbs 11:10 in Marion and Cedar Rapids? “When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices; when the wicked perish, there are shouts of joy.” Our cities benefit when God’s people act for righteousness, justice, and goodness. We are to seek the peace and prosperity of our cities (Jer. […]

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