Pastor Post: April 13, 2023

Church Family, Jesus’ resurrection proclaims victory over sin, death, and hell to all who repent and believe. It was a sweet joy to celebrate Christ’s resurrection with you this past Sunday. David Gardner reported that we had the highest worship attendance in Cornerstone’s history. A big thank you to the 23 car owners who parked in our […]

Biblical Content Warning for 4/2 Service

​Hey friends (and parents especially), The passages in front of us this Sunday (Judges 19-21) contain some of the most violent and disturbing images in Scripture (rape, bodily mutilation, and genocide–just a heads up for families with little ones or those who have an experience of sexual assault). These passages speak to just how dark […]

Pastor Post: 3/3/2023

Church family, Theological Meditation: A 5 year old boy and his father hike together in the woods. Sometimes dad lifts the boy over fallen logs. Sometimes the boy wanders off the trail, and then dad has to call him back. On one occasion, the dad picks his boy up and squeezes him and declares, “I […]

Pastor Post: 1/19/23

Dear Saints, The Book of Judges begins with early compromises and will end in utter chaos. That’s how sin always works. Sins looks small, insignificant, and minor. But like an air-borne pathogen, small sins can quickly contaminate. The judges cycle feels all too common. Baby sin grows into full-grown evil; the evil wreaks havoc internally and externally; […]

2022 in Review – Facts & Figures

Cornerstone Family, As we begin 2023, I felt it encouraging to see signs of growth and health to celebrate from 2022. There’s more growing to do, faithfulness to pursue, and service to render to the LORD. Still, it’s Biblical to pause, take note of the past, thank God, remember His faithfulness, and then press on in […]

Pastor Post: December 30, 2022

Cornerstone Family, When my kids were little, I would wrestle them four-on-one. They would try to knock me over and dog-pile on me. I would try to grab all four of them at once. One by one, I’d secure a kid, until I could wrap my arms around all four for one, big, daddy hug. Today, […]

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Services

Our Christmas Eve Service will be held Saturday December 24 at 3:30PM. There will be the singing of Christmas carols, a Christmas Message, special music, and the lighting of candles. Then, we’ll have a totally different Lord’s Day service at 9:25AM on Christmas Day Sunday December 25. Pastor Matt will continue our Advent Series in […]

Youth Group Cancelled Tonight (12/21)

Afternoon Students and Families of CornerStone youth group, I’ve been holding off this email until I was sure this was the right decision.  I really wish the weather would have been different but tonight’s youth group is CANCELED.  I’m totally bummed as I was looking forward to doing the white elephant gift exchange and other […]

Pastor Post: 12/15/2022

Church Family, C.S. Lewis called the incarnation of Jesus Christ “the grand miracle.” He compares Christ’s incarnation to the climax of a great story. Can you imagine your favorite story without a climax? It just wouldn’t make sense. Some truths are so central everything else hangs on them. And there’s no greater truth than the Son’s deep […]

Pastor Post: 11/16/2022

Friends, This Sunday we start an Advent Christmas Series, entitled, “Concerning the Son,” in Romans chapter 1. Pray for me as I prepare to herald the gospel; pray for your own heart and the lives of this body that God’s Word would accomplish its intended work. 5 Quick Things to Know: #1: Building Decorations: We would […]

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