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Pastor Post: 4/7/22

Church family,

Where do you go when you feel like you don’t measure up? Sinned to much? Failed too often? Achieved so little? The heart cries, “I’m not the parent I need to be.” Jesus says, “It is finished.” “My career isn’t what I hoped it would be.” Jesus says, “It is finished.” “Others are so much more beautiful, successful, and put-together than me.” Jesus says, “It is finished.”

We might call our fears and doubts internal condemnation. Even there, Jesus speaks peace. But of greater importance, we face external condemnation. Galatians 3 speaks of the “curse of the law.” To violate God’s commands demands God’s condemnation. And that’s why Jesus had to go there–to calvary, to our place of condemnation, to take our death. Because Jesus went there, he speaks peace to all who come to Him. Jesus says, “It is finished.”

A few quick church announcements:

#1: Please prayerfully participate in our “Knock It Down” debt reduction campaign. More info here:

#2: Check out my recent Pastor Encouragement Video:
#3: Here’s the line-up for Cornerstone’s Holy Week events:

4/13 12PM Wednesday – Lent Service (Genesis 22) 

4/15 6PM Friday – Good Friday Service 

4/17 8:30AM Sunday – Continental Breakfast ​(feel free to bring something to share; more details to come)​​

4/17 ​9:25AM Sunday – Resurrection Service

​Take care my friends. He is risen!

-Pastor Matt

Knock It Down (Debt Reduction Opportunity)

Church Family,

The elders are asking everyone to prayerfully consider giving to debt reduction in April.  The campaign is called “Knock it Down”.  We would like to pay down a large portion of our mortgage starting in April with giving going into next year.  Please submit a pledge card no later than May 1 (

Please prayerfully consider what you might pledge to give this April and then what you might pledge over the next year.  Again, please pray and then give as you’re led; we believe reducing our debt will put us in a better position to do ministry.  

Read the letter put together by the elders with help from the deacons further explaining the “Knock it Down” campaign.

Thank you for your consideration, it’s a pleasure to serve you all,
Alex Steele for the elders 

Pastor Post: February 24, 2022

Church Family,

First off, I just want to say a big thank you to all our volunteer leaders and our fantastic staff (Gary Hoobler, Michael Biegler, and Meegan Dyrland–I love you guys!). We are so blessed by your prayers, teaching, service, care, giving, and love. We have fantastic elders, deacons, directors, ministry leaders, and servants all throughout this body. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Second, a question: What have you done over the years to prepare your heart to remember Christ on Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday? Let me invite you to try something you’ve probably never done…

Wednesday Noon Message Series: Lent 2022Lent has traditionally been a time of serious meditation and preparation to celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection at the close of the 40 days. This year Cornerstone will offer 7 special 12PM services every Wednesday of Lent. There will be a brief gathering (12-12:30PM) at Cornerstone (in Room 101) with a simple welcome, opening prayer, 15-20 minute message from Pastor Matt, and a benediction. Take a lunch break, pack a lunch, bring a friend, come open to the Word. (March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, April 6 and 13).

I hope you can join us! These start next Wednesday, March 2 @12PM.
Also, you may appreciate a new Pastor Encouragement video:
Oh, and please join our church family Sunday night March 6 at 4:30PM to pray together! We’ll meet in the Children’s Church room.
Take care my friends,


Pastor Post: 2/3/22

Church family,

Hurry sickness may be the greatest pandemic in our world today. The symptoms of hurry sickness are anxiety, prayerlessness, and lack of rest. It’s moving from one phone call, text message, and tv show to the next. Hurry sickness means fast food, late nights, and lack of sleep. Hurry sickness causes me to make my own decisions, deal with my own problems, and take the weight of the world on my shoulders (i.e. practical atheism).

Then, there’s Jesus. He never hurried. He walked in step with the will of the Father. He paused to hold children in his arms, touch a bleeding woman, and to give dignity and new life back to the leper. He slept on boats, stopped by wells for water, and got up early to pray. The crowds tried to circumvent his plans; the disciples had ideas for Jesus too. But He set His eyes on Jerusalem. There he died for the anxious, hurry-ridden, soul-stained world. There he took his final breath…still in complete submission to His Father. And on the third day he rose again.

May we walk with the Jesus who teaches us how to walk with the Father. Do not be anxious…seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you as well (Matthew 6:33).

Here are some ministry opportunities for your own discipleship…

The Abidecr Conference – There’s still time to sign up for this local February 11-12 conference at

Sunday School and Small Groups – Join these communities of disciples who want to hear God’s Word and encourage one another.

Pause today…pause to pray…kneel…be still and know that He is God.

Be on the lookout for our Winter Newsletter in your mailboxes.

With you in this fight of faith,

Pastor Matt

Pastor Post – 1/20/22

Friends in Christ,

#1: Take 5 minutes and let me encourage you in the Word with this video:

#2: Please register today for the city wide AbideCR Conference, held February 11-12…let’s seek the Lord together ( 

#3: Also, just a final reminder that during the Leadership Summit (this coming Monday night @7PM), we’ll spend the first 30 minutes talking about the internship program we hope to start Fall 2022 (check out this attachment that has a few more details–).    

Any and all members who want to discuss the internship are encouraged to be there. The rest of the Leadership Summit is for the saints leading ministries, small groups, our deacons, and elders. Hey Cornerstone Church, it would please me much if you’d all take a moment right now to pray for those serving in these ministries. We have great servants, but it does get tiring and discouraging some weeks. Pray for the Spirit to renew our people and bless our labors.

One final thing; sorry again about the phishing scam that came out earlier this week. I felt so ashamed and angered that someone would use my name to attempt to swindle people. May Christ bring guilt on the perpetrators, guilt that leads them to the Cross. Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do.

See you at 9:25AM this Sunday (we’re Iowans; cold doesn’t stop us 🙂

Much love,

Pastor Matt