Pastor Post: April 4, 2024

Dear Church Family,A few words of thanks:    – A big thank you to Pastor Gary and all the key players who served us on Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday services. Pastor Gary offered a labor of love to our church and the others present at Good Friday. He’s an amazing servant of Christ and this […]

2024 Holy Week Resources/Opportunities

Church family,   Here are a few ways to deepen your Holy Week worship:   #1: Use the this Bible reading plan (Holy Week) for yourself and your family that leads up to Resurrection Sunday. There’s also a useful daily Bible App called “Join the Journey” that will highlight Bible verses that line up with each […]

Pastor Post: March 21, 2024

Dear church family, Today I met Danny and Ana. Ana is a mid-30s mom of 3 children from Sioux City; she has received cancer treatment for leukemia every weekday for 12 weeks. On Tuesday, I met a gentleman who has had four brain tumor removal surgeries–the most recent, this past Monday. For the past week, I’ve been […]

Pastor Post: 2/8/24

Pastor Post 2/08/2024 Dear Church Family,   One of the goals of  “invite people to great things” is that you would invite people to serve with you. For instance, I know some of you volunteer at the school, or coach a sports team, or visit shut ins, or serve at the His Hands Free Medical Clinic. How could […]

Church News 1/25/24

Pastor Post 01/25/2024 Dear Church Family, I trust you are all having a blessed week of serving our Lord wherever He has placed you. Last Sunday we reviewed the glorious statement of God’s promise to each of us as His children: “If you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised […]

Pastor Post: New Year

Pastor Post New Year (January 2, 2024) Dear Church Family, Leadership guru John Maxwell is known for saying, “Everything worthwhile is uphill.” Think about the wisdom in that aphorism. It’s worthwhile to be physically healthy, but it’s an uphill battle. So too, godly parenting, being a constant learner, and a husband who cherishes his wife are all uphill efforts. […]

Pastor Post: End of the Year Wrap-Up

Pastor Post End of the Year Updates (12/19/2023) Dear Church Family, Every December I take stock of God’s many mercies in the previous year.  1) For example. I think it’s amazing that this church has invested more financial resources into ministry than ever before. By the end of the year, you will have supported the Anamosa Church Plant […]

Cornerstone Christmas Party

Hello Cornerstone Family!
This year’s goal is to “Invite People to Great Things.” Three of the great things we want to offer invitations to are our tables, our church, and to Christ. On December 10th, you can invite a friend, family, coworker, or neighbor to an event that offers all three of these.

The event will go from 5-7PM. We will eat fried chicken from Sally’s around tables. There will be some simple table games, activities for kids, and a bit of Christmas carol singing. It’s a great opportunity to introduce people to Christ and our church all in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Who could you invite today? Printed invitations will be on hand for the next several Sundays.

We are asking Cornerstone attenders to bring a dessert to share-Christmas cookies or the like!

Here is a QR code you can have people scan if you don’t have the printed invitation.

Have you extended an invitation lately?

Have You Extended an Invitation Lately? (10/26/2023)  Reminder: If you invite someone, please drop an acorn in our tree (sitting on the offering table). You can also email or text 319.382.6424. We’ll then drop an acorn in for you.  Our goal: 1,000 invitations by June 1. 1,000 seeds planted. Please join us! 

Prayer Service and Shared Meal Next Week

Dear Church Family,

We’re very excited for our time of prayer as a church family on Wednesday October 18th. Unless your small group leader has stated otherwise, please plan to join us for this midweek meeting instead of an evening small group next week. Midweek morning meetings will still meet. Remember there’s a meal at 6PM, and then come ready to join our “unplanned worship and prayer service.”

What in the world is “an unplanned service?” or maybe you wonder “How do I prepare for an unplanned service?”

First, understand that this gathering was planned intentionally to have “no plan.” This does not mean it was not prepared for by its organizers. In fact, we have even done 2 dry (smaller) runs to cast our vision.
We also want you to come prepared. Consider what God has been teaching you and be willing to share a verse or a word that captures that.
Ask yourself in advance: Is God placing someone on your heart to pray for? Are there prayers of praise ringing in your mind? Would you be willing to pray upfront and prepare to obey God’s urgings? How would you like the church to pause and pray for our city, our church, those who don’t know Christ, etc.?
Our music team for the night will be made up of two members who are prepared to play/sing anything in the Cornerstone library. This consists of all the songs we sing on our Sunday mornings in our repertoire. You may request any of these songs, so be mindful ahead of time. What song do you believe would help you and our church worship and petition God together?
Please come prepared to extend grace to the (1) The music and tech that might not flow perfectly; (2) To your brothers and sisters as we use our gifts to serve each other; (3) to yourself so you don’t get so preoccupied with having to say or pray just right.
We are excited to see how the Spirit will lead!

– Sarah Messer (worship planning team)

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